Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Make: Fiat
Type: Ottovu Rapi Series II - LHD
Year: 1953

You can not imagine how glad I was to be able to secure this beautiful Fiat Ottovu !

This II-nd series 8V coachbuilt by Fabio Luigi Rapi is a matching numbers car (chassis: 86 - engine: 120) which was initially sold new to the Italian Count Ranieri di Campello in 1953.
After two more short term Italian owners in 1957 and 1958 chassis 86 ended-up in 1958 into the hands of the British enthusiast Mr. John Wilks, who kept the Ottovu until his death in the early nineties.
A little bit later, this somehow tired Fiat 8V, was offered for sale at auction where Mr. Horst Koch from Germany could secure this very rare sportscar for himself. By doing so he fulfilled his childhood dream, because before him his father was also Fiat specialist in Heilbronn.

Over a period of 5 years Mr. Koch restored this II-nd series Rapi Ottovu till into the smallest details, respecting of course as much as possible originality.
The 2 liter V8 engine, known to be a delicate unit, was up-graded after engineering advise of very highly skilled German automotive engineers.
The result is a magnificent sportscar, so nice, so perfect, so immaculate that he didn't dare driving his little jewel. Only 150 km in 10 years time !

I was very glad I was around at the time when Mr. Koch realized that the only chance for this Ottovu to be driven, was... by selling his pride and joy to someone else.
I bought and sold in the last couple of years several Fiats Ottovu. 4 Zagato bodied sports-competition cars and 1 exclusive Supersonic by Ghia. All were very nice, but this one, chassis 86, is just perfect!
Are you in the market for a perfect Ottovu? Well, in that case, just contact me!


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